Unified Health

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An ecosystem of trusted professionals.

Unified Health uses profits from complementary and alternative medicine appointments to help pay for access to primary care via nurse practitioners for those in our community who are lacking a family doctor, need more in-depth care than provided for at walk-in services, and aren’t in need of emergency services.

Canada has many skilled healthcare professionals who can help you get better — but it can be hard to know where to start. At Unified Health, we help you navigate the healthcare world and find the right treatment plan.  
Our Centres have multidisciplinary healthcare teams on-site to help develop your treatment plans.  To go a step further, we connect with other clinics in the community, that we call Unified Health Partner Clinics, to ensure we have the right team members for your treatment plan.
We also make sure that we refer you to practitioners that are conveniently located and who are a good personal fit for your health goals. That practitioner may be on-site with us, located at a Unified Health Partner Clinic, or might be someone you are already seeing and would like to continue to visit.  We’re happy with any practitioner who can deliver the treatments you need.  
If you are already seeing a practitioner and they aren’t a Unified Health Partner Clinic yet, we’d love for them to join our team. Doing so would allow us to track your progress using virtual reality biometrics measuring — but only if you want to of course!