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About Mental Health Counselors

What is a Mental Health Counselor?

Provide tailored counselling, support, guidance and education dealing with mental and emotional health issues.

What are the benefits?

Anxiety, depression, eating disorders and disordered eating are all very much prevalent in today’s society. Most are treated with medications, acting as a Band-Aid to the problem, as it ignores teaching the necessary skills to help people manage and cope with symptoms. In addition, these drugs often have adverse side effects, yet are still given out as a quick fix.
According to the 2012 Canadian Community Health Survey (Sunderland & Findlay, 2013), the need for counseling among Canadians aged 15 and older was the most prevalent need, yet the least likely to be fulfilled. Furthermore, the impact of mental illnesses can be minimized with early recognition and timely treatment.
Whether you are suffering from a mental health diagnoses, going through a rough time, or merely needing a listening ear – you can benefit from counseling. Benefits can include relief of distressing symptoms; improved communication and interpersonal relationships; improved distress tolerance; better stress management; ability to alter self-defeating habits; increased confidence and autonomy; increased self-awareness and understanding - the benefits are endless. 

What to expect during a treatment?

Your sessions will be in a warm and inviting environment that prioritizes safety and confidentiality. While there are various approaches to counseling, you will receive the most appropriate modality for your needs and personality. 

Each session is typically 50 minutes in length, although there are 15-30 minute options as well. Any sessions less than 50 min. may indicate a quick check-in was needed or if a client is needing to be referred out to a specialist. In each session, you’ll have the counselor’s utmost attention as you’re educated, supported and guided through whatever life throws your way!