Unified Health

About Virtual Reality

What is Virtual Reality?

We are offering the opportunity to try visiting virtual worlds in our virtual reality system. The system is similar to that offered to consumers for entertainment, and we are presenting content that many consider to be soothing, relaxing and empowering.

What are the benefits?

We have found that most people enjoy the ability to be in control of their environment by engaging in creative activities like exploring or virtual painting. Most of our participants have reported feelings of relaxation, reduced anxiety, and a sense of empowerment after participating, and we are participating in VR research along with Electric Puppets, a VR research company we work with.

What to expect during a treatment?

We have a comfortable room with a padded floor. Participants will be asked to remove their footwear and allow us to place the virtual reality headset on their heads. They will then be guided through how to navigate in the virtual world, with hand controllers, and will be able to pick from a number of relaxing environments such as a beach, a desert planet, and many more. With their permission we will record their head, hand and eye movement and they can review that result at subsequent visits when we have the capability to play it back. This data will be useful in measuring the effectiveness of treatments over time. The experience will last 15-20 minutes, and the patient will be encouraged to relax in a comfy chair afterward before moving to their treatment or leaving our facility.