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Become a Partner Clinic


Who Can Qualify to be a Partner Clinic?

If you provide any medical, non-medical, or selfcare health and wellness services, you can be a part of Unified Health’s Partner Clinic referral network.

Why Join the Unified Health Partner Clinic Team?

We need a great group or clinics and practitioners to help patients get better. Our clinic has some resources to support the vision, but our concept is built on a network of practitioners who can provide the right treatment plans to patients. We  want to connect patients to practitioners that best suit their individual health needs.

What Information Will Need To Be Shared About the Patient’s Treatments?

We are running a pilot program that assesses a patient’s biometrics through virtual reality to see if their health and wellness is improving. This program is optional. If your patient is interested in being a part of this program, we will require some treatment record information for their file. We’ll tell you more about it when we have our first meeting.

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How to Become a Partner Clinic

STEP 1 - Fill in this form!
Tell us a little about yourself and/or your clinic including your name, accreditation, clinic name, location and health services provided.

STEP 2 - Conference Call
Once we hear from you we’ll be in touch for a meeting. In the meeting we’ll tell you more about how we work, available lab tests and services plus more on our pilot project to track patient’s treatment progress.

STEP 3 - Practitioner One on One Meetings
We want to meet with each practitioner one on one to get to know them, just like a patient would. That way we can best match our patients for fit as well as their treatment.

STEP 4 - Official Unified Health Partner
After we learn more about you or your clinic and confirm your credentials, you’ll be notified if you’ve been successfully added to our Unified Health Partner Clinics team. From there, we’ll be putting patients in touch with your for future appointments.