Unified Health

Meet the Unified Health - Spring Garden Team

Stephanie Attwater
RMT, Osteopath
(Manual Practice)

Since recovering from a devastating car accident in her early twenties, Stephanie has made it her mission to life hack healing, rehabilitation and a return to optimal wellness. She is a molecular biologist, registered massage therapist and osteopath completing a masters degree in rehabilitative science.

Regan leard goodwin
Wellness Advisor

Regan believes that everyone has the gift of intuition and that energy and emotions are directly linked to our mental and physical health. Through her personal journey she’s learned that spiritual guidance is a highly effective way to support others through their wellness journey, as a compliment to both the alternative and traditional health care system. She believes that through providing tangible and practical tools she can help empower and encourage others to take full control of their lives.

Bradley Dundas
Osteopath (Manual Practitioner)

Brad works with patients to identify the cause of their pain or dysfunction and to come up with a patient specific plan to reach their individuals goals. Brad is a strong believer in evidence-based practice.