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10 Tips for Getting Your Happy on at Work

No matter what job we do, it is highly possible that at some point in time, we’ve had a bad day.  A bad day is not exclusive to sex, creed, race, social standing, job title, whether we work at home or not,  or how experienced we are.  It doesn’t care that we are at our breaking point, that we are sick, that we have sick kids, that we are worried about a loved one, that we have bills to pay, or that we feel alone. Bad days happen to everyone.

And you know what? That’s OK.

Sometimes I think they exist solely for the purpose to remind us that it’s OK to have a bad day.  What do I mean by that?  I mean, that , the day exists to make us stop and say to ourselves , this day sucks , and I’m ok with admitting that I’m not OK.  I think it forces us to take the time to stop, and really take care of ourselves.

I have met so many dedicated individuals over the years, and the one common thread that I’ve found is that the most dedicated, caring, hardworking people are the ones who are suffering the most.  In addition to this, they are usually the most talented, and empathetic.  Unselfish team players who are putting the needs of the people in front of them before their own is what makes  them invaluable to an organization.  But what happens to them personally when they burn out? And  to the organization? Both parties lose.

So if you are on either side of this equation, (or both) what are some quick go to tips to an instant pick-me-up during the day?

1.       Be honest about how you feel with a co-worker. I’m pretty certain the last time I told someone I  was having a bad day, they got it, we talked about it, and I felt better.

2.       Give yourself permission to take 5 minutes, even if it’s in a closet… and take some deep breaths.

3.       Order your favourite food or go to your favourite restaurant for lunch.

4.       Take a walk outside in the fresh air.

5.       Watch a quick, funny video on your phone.

6.       Make plans to do something fun after work! Having something to look forward to feels awesome!

7.       Redecorate your office or workspace.  Crystals, personal pics and fresh flowers are a few of my favourite ways to change the energy of a space.

8.       Text or call a loved one.

9.       Listen to your favourite music or podcast on low or with headphones.

10.   Think about taking a day off. It could be time to recharge the batteries!  

As always, if you feel that you are suffering beyond what requires a quick pick me up, tell someone you trust, and have them help you make an appointment to see someone who can help!

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Lizane Tan