Unified Health

Regan Leard Goodwin

Wellness Advisor and Spiritual Counsellor

60 min sessions - $100.00
90 min sessions - $150.00

Hours of work:
Tues - Thurs

A little more about Regan Leard Goodwin

Helping Moms & Kids is Regan’s passion!

After many failed attempts and many years of navigating through the traditional and alternative health care systems trying to get answers on hers and her children’s health, Regan was introduced to spiritual counselling. She had been ready to give up hope. Meeting a spiritual counsellor changed their lives, and she was able to learn the tools to get herself and her family on the right path to wellness. This included individualized plans for all of them that combined many facets of both systems. Because of this, she’s made it her mission to use her gifts to help other families on their journey to health and wellness. She has become an expert in all things “woo woo” , and believes in practical and tangible solutions to help people. Because of this, she couldn't be more proud to be a part of the unified health team!