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Ryan Cameron

Virtual Reality is part of Unified’s approach to collecting information on patients for research at our clinics.

A little more about Ryan Cameron

Ryan Cameron has been a technology entrepreneur for 25 years, is CTO of a local animation studio, CEO of a Virtual Reality startup, and works with the IWK Children's Hospital designing research for using virtual reality in various medical practices. Ryan has been working with Virtual Reality and Virtual Worlds for several years, in 2006 was in an advisory role at Second Life based in San Francisco, and has been active as an executive in the online learning space since 1997. 

Since 2016, Ryan has been working with VR systems, primarily studying how people respond and react to it, and has personally guided hundreds of people through their first VR experience. He has been amazed to see, with almost no exception, how much of a positive effect the experience has had on the participants, and is excited to explore formalizing this into a potentially therapeutic experience and possibly a diagnostic tool.