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Stephanie Attwater

BSc, MRSc (Rehabilitation Science, in progress), RMT, DOMP
Registered Massage Therapist, Osteopath (Manual Practice)

Pricing (taxes included):
90 min sessions - $150.00
60 min sessions - $100.00
30min sessions - $50.00

Hours of work:
Mon-Friday 12pm-8pm

A little more about Stephanie attwater

Stephanie studied molecular biology and biotechnology at the University of Ottawa and spent time as a government researcher, special projects officer, and chemistry analyst. During that time, Stephanie followed extensive rehabilitation programs to try to get back to a healthy state after a car accident left her with brain and spinal injuries, all with limited success. She found that despite her and her health care providers' best efforts, she was only able to maintain a state of dysfunction, not return to wellness. After moving to Halifax with her husband in 2007, her sister in law forced her into seeing a manual practice osteopath to seek 'alternative' treatment for her chronic injuries. That visit changed everything she thought she knew about health care and started Stephanie down a path of healing, wellness, and self discovery. She eventually decided to go back to school to study the profession. She is also a registered massage therapist and is currently completing a masters in rehabilitative science. 

Her adventures in health and wellness have led her down all sorts of paths. She has done extensive training in all things 'woo woo' - reiki, energy management, mindfulness and meditation training, somatosensory healing modalities, even spiritual counselling! She believes in learning as many ways to help her patients as possible. The more tools she has to do that, the more people she can help.